Discrimination against African American students

Discrimination against African American pupils has been a problem in most schools in the United States. As the school's principal, I've observed that there are formed groups within the school that consist of either African Americans or whites. In addition, black students only sit next to other students in the classroom, cafeteria, and extracurricular activities. In addition, African-American pupils' performance is inferior to white students due to unequal educational opportunities

Discrimination against African American students

Research conducted on racial discrimination shows that most of the discrimination begins with teachers, and students consequently learn from them. For instance, black American students are subjected to harsher punishments than white students. Therefore, the students learn from their teachers that the black students are inferior. Also, research suggests that most schools do not admit African American students (Leath et al., 2019). Therefore, black American students end up attending poor-performing schools. School officials may cancel out black American admission cancelation because they believe that the students will not perform as required. In addition, research reveals that African American students are denied opportunities such as chances to represent the school in extracurricular activities and scholarships. Consequently, the black American students feel left out and discriminated against due to their color. Researchers found out that, although the United States government has passed various acts that allow students to get equal education opportunities, racial discrimination still exists in the schools. Besides various schools not admitting African American students, white students also harass black American students in class. There are several reported cases where white students harass their fellow African American students in class and during extracellular activities (Marks & Coll, 2018). For example, there are incidences where white Americans deny African American students access to school resources such as textbooks. Consequently, black American students do not have access to important resources resulting in poor performance in class. 

Moreover, scholars have revealed that teachers significantly contribute towards racial discrimination against black American students in schools. For example, black Americans are punished harshly and more frequently than white students who have committed a similar behavior. Therefore, white students who learn from their tutors have developed a negative attitude towards black American students. Also, the research puts forward that in most schools, white students go unpunished after being reported to black American students for bullying them. Further, school personnel treat African American girls as mature and requiring less nurturing than their white counterparts (Verkuyten, Thijs & Gharaei, 2019). This results from adultification bias whereby adults perceive black American girls to be less innocent and end up punishing them harshly. Additionally, scholars explain that the lack of black American teachers affects African American students' performance. African American students may be reluctant to engage white teachers as they perceive them as unfair treatment. Further research reveals that parents play a major role in racial discrimination among students as parents are their children's first teachers.


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