Federalism is a form of government characterized by dividing power and authority among multiple levels; consequently, it includes the central and regional governments within the same political system. Federalism is essential for comprehending environmental policymaking in most of the globe due to its varied roles in resolving environmental issues. Canada is one of the nations in which federalism has played a significant role in addressing environmental issues such as endangered species, water, and climate change (Olive, 2014). Canada's federal and provincial governments have been involved in resolving these environmental issues through various means, including creating laws and policies within their respective jurisdictions. Federalism in Canada has had numerous effects on resolving environmental issues such as endangered species, water shortage, and climate change.


Federalism has affected how the problem of climate change is dealt with in Canada Climate change is also an essential area in the world today. Climate change is a variance in the general conditions of a particular geographical area, e.g., temperature. It is mainly caused by global warming, which involves greenhouse gases. The federal government is in charge of making policies and laws to address greenhouse gases, which are global pollutants. All provinces and citizens of Canada follow these policies. For instance, Canada's federal government was involved in the Paris agreement of 2015, where they made a commitment to reduce greenhouse gases by 30% (Olive, 2014). Therefore, this helps in solving the problem of climate change as all provinces must adhere to the policies made by the national government. The provincial governments also play a great responsibility in tackling the issue of climate change in Canada. Provinces make policies that control the production and use of energy in order to reduce the risk of climate change; for example, Quebec Province controls the use of carbon by introducing carbon taxes, and Ontario Province is focusing on technologies that generate electricity to reduce the emission of dangerous gases into the environment. The policies made by both the federal and provincial governments have helped tackle the issue of climate change.


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