Worldview reflection paper

A person's worldview is a set of fundamental values and ideas that they use to filter information and construct their own opinions on global issues. This is the "lens" through which an individual views their environment and responds to the "big questions" (Kidder & Campbell, 2020). My view of the universe is based on the biblical worldview or pantheism. It adheres to the moral absolutes described in God's words. A person with a biblical worldview provides answers to significant questions based on the Bible's text and structure. This view of the universe asserts that God exists and reveals Himself primarily by dispatching His Son Jesus to earth.

Worldview reflection paper

nding His Son Jesus to the earth.

When God spoke of creation in existence, as set down in the Book of Genesis, the origins of life started. God not only created all life but in His image and identity made people distinct. The continuing pursuit of the purpose of life by humanity is addressed in John 17:3 and declared the eternal life of God and Jesus his Son (Bible 2017).  The Bible is the basis of this worldview and instructs humanity in moral rights and misconduct. Finally, a person spends eternally in heaven, or Hell, according to their relation to Jesus Christ is the most crucial faith of this world view. Our view of the world directly affects our perceptions of various components associate with the world. Atheism, theism, and pantheism are the three worldview families. 

Understanding the universe, reality, knowledge, basics of ethics, human beings, and purpose are essential in helping humans determine their worldview. God exists in the Christian context as God the Father, Son, and God the Holy Spirit. In many cases, the existence of the high deity is mystical, something beyond human understanding. God is also the world's maker and supplier (Smith 2015). However, science, considering the Christian view, is the best way to understand the universe. This storing of knowledge is a subjective activity, and proof can be checked. God is the giver of all the wisdom that people possess. The love of God is expressed in the treatment of the entire human being, especially regarding healthcare. Patients should not be treated as unlived objects but as beings that resemble God's image and likeness. 

In the debate on health in the previous two presidential elections, health care has been a fiercely contested issue. More Americans are struggling to pay for medical and hospital costs in America as healthcare costs continue to increase. Health insurance should supply medical expenditure with money; however, the insurance premiums increase as costs. Many Americans believe that private insurance is too costly (Desmond & Western 2018).  As a result, many middle-class Americans and households with modest incomes determine that taxpayers are not covered and must fund their health costs. The world views the purpose of existence as the reason humans set or establish to define their existence. The world believes that a person's life situation defines their purpose of existence. Some humans do not think they exist for a purpose-understanding one's purpose is critical in encouraging humans to work towards particular goals and objectives.


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