IMC Campaign for KIA

This paper examines the e-Niro advertising campaign that KIA ran in Europe. The article focuses on the many forms of advertising—digital, print, and television—that the automaker used to determine how well they adhered to integrated marketing communications (IMC). Part one of this research analyzes the 2019 advertising campaign throughout Europe for the new Kia e-Niro electric crossover. The second section examines the professional Pan-European campaign for consistency and unity with the first. Therefore, the research concludes that, despite their differences, the two movements are integrated and coordinated into a seamless program in communicating the same brand story, maximizing the effect of the marketing efforts on customers and other stakeholders.

IMC Campaign for KIA

Having a great product does not equal success since consumers must know and understand your product. Consequently, organizations need to ensure customers know their product and that the message is unified regardless of the communication channel. According to Camilleri & Camilleri, (2018), an organization should strive and achieve integrated marketing communications (IMC) to establish a consistent brand message and image across all communication channels. On the other hand Muhammedrisaevna et al. (2020), asserts that organizations need IMC to reach target customers more effectively and efficiently, save resources by eliminating conflicting marketing efforts and enhance the impact of individual marketing efforts by making them work together in a complementary way.

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is a holistic approach to marketing that considers all touchpoints between a brand and its audience to create a seamless and consistent experience for consumers by integrating various marketing channels and messages into a cohesive marketing campaign (Camilleri & Camilleri, 2018). IMC combines traditional marketing channels such as advertising, public relations, and direct mail with newer digital channels such as social media, email, and mobile marketing to create a comprehensive marketing plan (Camilleri & Camilleri, 2018).. By using multiple channels in a coordinated manner, IMC enables brands to communicate with consumers in a more effective and consistent way, creating a stronger and more memorable brand experience.

IMC is important because it helps businesses better connect with their customers and stakeholders, leading to increased engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, improved business results. Therefore, this report will detail KIA’s IMC strategy by evaluating two of its campaigns across different media channels to ascertain its conformity to Integrated Marketing Communications. Consequently, the report has two sections each committed to one IMC campaign.


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